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Many active triathlon, cycling and run clubs, active PT's, coaches, yoga studios, and gyms have thought about going away on a really good training holiday with their followers, customers and friends from the club. And that each person has different ideas and wishes for a successful camp isn't so strange either, as yoga studios and triathlon clubs don't require the same things. 

This is why we have developed our agent concept. No 007's here of course, instead it has to do with how we can work together with you to put a trip together to one of our many trainings resorts. As an agent, you will be the one in the forefront using your trademark, club name or the like. Invictus stays behind the scenes as the technical operator, meaning that we will handle all customer bookings, payment transactions, travel guarantee, booking of flights, transfers, meals and more. We will take care of all of the questions from customers regarding the actual trip, as well as sending flight tickets, vouchers and all necessary information before the start of the holiday. 

In order to assist you to get the word out about the holiday you have chosen, we can provide you with presentation materials. We are also happy to discuss a good training plan for your holiday should you require it. And no, it does NOT cost anything extra! Quite simply - we will work like hell to make sure that you get a really great training holiday. 

If you are a coach or a PT, it is normal that you would travel for free if you have 11 paying customers with you. If you are a group of 20, the 2 coaches can go free of charge, 3 with 30, etc.  If you are a club, that would like to go together, the rebate of 11+1, 20+2, etc., can be spread out amongst all of you. This makes it cheaper for each person, but is of course decided by you as the agent. 

We don't offer other types of holidays such as family holidays with kids clubs, bucket and spade trips, holidays for seniors, or even dive trips. We only do training holidays - and we do them very well. We have decided to put our focus there so that all of the customers that travel with you will have an excellent training holiday.

Our ambition is that everyone shall come home strong - both physically and mentally - which is what we call: You. Just stronger!

Feel free to contact us for a free quote and advice. 

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