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What sort of insurance do I need?

Check your home insurance to find out what the terms are for lost baggage and missed training days. Most insurance policies cover training holidays, but it is necessary to ask for specific information and preferably to receive something in writing.  

We also recommend that you check with your triathlon, bike, run, or swim club to see if there is an insurance policy included in your membership. Clubs often have good deals on insurance policies that you can take advantage of.

Travel insurance can be booked up until the day of your departure. The type of insurance that you require is dependent on the type of trip that you will be going on, the amount of days that you will be gone and the amount of persons that will be going with you.

We highly recommend that you have cancellation insurance as well. This needs to be purchased at the time of your booking (the latest two days after the first trip payment) if it is not already included in your home insurance. 


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