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Plan your BOX Holidays 2020

Plan your BOX Holidays 2020

Secure your 20% early booking discount!

Plan your BOX Holidays 2020

 Holidays for Box owners and Groups just got a lot better!

Our group fitness Holidays focus on great training retreats and chilling hotels at beaches in Europe! Train through the winter in Europe (and even spring and autumn for that matter!) can be miserable at the best of times. Invictus Travel WOD Holidays offer you the best opportunity to get outside and complete your sessions with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back!

Many Clubs, PT’s and Cross-training gyms have thought about going away on holidays with their customers and friends. And that each person has different ideas and wishes for successful breaks isn’t so strange either. Invictus Travel has sent more than 4.000 Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts to Europe´s sexiest training destinations in the last 3 years alone. Our Travel WOD specialists in the office know all Cross-training retreats and Functional Fitness venues first hand as they have all been carefully cherrypicked! Fitness Holidays created by Fitness Enthusiasts for Fitness Enthusiasts is what we do! And we are just getting started:

Choose your options and we’ll build your Fitness Holidays:

·        HIIT Training

·         Group Fitness

·        Beach Workouts

·        Swimming drills

·        Olympic weightlifting

·        Functional Fitness

·        Endurance Workouts

·        Recreational activities (SUP, hiking, kayaking, etc.)

·        Unlimited training sessions


In order to plan ahead several of Invictus Travel partners in Spain, Portugal and Greece have agreed on joining forces and incentivize your next Cross-training group holidays! To achieve and secure a 20% discount, all you need to do is book your trip for 2020 until 31.01.2020! Invictus Travel is a one - stop - shop, we´ll take all the organizational workload out of your hands! As an Owner all you need to do is focus on your customers, we´ll do the rest! Contact info@invictustravel.com for details. We are happy to send you an estimate, no - frills attached!

Get your 20% early booking discount for 2020 group holidays bookings done before the 31.January 2020!


20% Early Booking Offer:Cross-training Box Holidays 2020

Last booking date:31.01.2020

Destinations:Canary Islands; Spain; Greece

Venues:Tenerife Top Training; Club La Santa; CrossFit Rethymno; Oliva Nova

Included:Training; Accomodation; Board

Flights: On request

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