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Lost Villa, Croatia

Lost Villa, Croatia

A unique training centre off the beaten path.

Lost Villa, Croatia

The island of Hvar in Croatia has been named as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. Dramatic cliffs hide small coves, and the green foliage surrounding it makes it picture perfect. And it is in one of these many coves - Shrov Dolac, at the end of a winding gravel road, where you will find our unique destination; Lost Villa. 

The beautiful, turquoise, Adriatic Sea is your closest neighbour, and watching the sunset or perhaps the dolphins play on the waves is a common site. In this area that is steeped in "calm," you can focus on yourself, your health and your training. Start your day with yoga or a stretch before taking a jog along the many roads and paths in the area. 

In terms of training you have all that you need for functional training, excellent conditions for swim run, and there is even a challenging and fun obstacle course. Train by the waters edge on the beach, or on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Test your hand at interval training up the much discussed about "Killer hill," or use the the rig with chins bar, climbing rope and roman rings. With a large grassy area over 400m2, there is plenty of room for the whole group to train together. 

Lodging is in apartments that surround the main "Lost Villa" house and all are just a few minutes walk from the training, beach and main building. Lunch and supper are served at the Villa, and breakfast is "do it yourself," as each apartment fridge is stocked with food upon arrival (and once through the week). Lost Villa works with a dietician to make sure that all meals are balanced. As well, a beach bar is open each day and if you need a refill of your favourite protein drink, some fresh fruit or other healthy snack, you can find them here. 

In the evenings you can sit together by the homemade movie screen for a cosy outside move night or pick up a game of basket ball on the court by the villa. 

To sum it up: Enjoy fantastic training opportunities, good food, sunshine and new training friends. Come home inspired!




The island of Hvar lies in Dalmatia, not far from Split in Croatia. Hvar is a popular destination, especially with sailors that rent boats and cruise around the beautiful archipelago. In Hvar's city centre you will find many cultural exhibits, shopping, restaurants, and plenty of outdoor life. Our destination lies further east where the countryside is less populated. At the end of the road, so to speak. 

An outing to the nearby town (20 mins by car) will let you visit the post office, and a few shops, an excellent way to see how the locals live a simple life on the island. 


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