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Titan Fitness, Phuket Thailand

Titan Fitness, Phuket Thailand

Training, beach life, shopping and delicious food!

Titan Fitness, Phuket Thailand

Palm-fringed paradise beaches, turquoise waters, world-class diving, championship quality golf courses or scenic hikes in the rainforest. This is just a sample of what Phuket offers its visitors. No wonder sun-loving tourists come here year after year. Phuket's huge popularity is also due to its beautiful small islands, which are easily accessible by boat. The famous Thai hospitality will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Phuket is Thailand's largest island and is a province located on Thailand's southwest coast. It has 325,000 inhabitants. Most beaches on Phuket stretch along the western part of the island, the island otherwise consists mainly of hilly, mountainous terrain. Approximately 70% of the island is covered by forest.

In addition to tourism, the production of rubber is an important industry. The large number of incoming tourists has meant that local people have the highest average income in the country.

Titan Fitness has been open for four years and is located in the heart of sunny Phuket. The company offers professional fitness programs and facilities for everyone that wants to achieve their fitness goals.

Titan Fitness is Swedish owned and run by founder Kim Lindholm.

The facility consists of a fully equipped gym, an outdoor fitness camp, a military obstacle course with 11 stations and a large outdoor 420kvm Crossfit facility for fitness classes, (with a roof for protection against the sun or rain). Perfect for generating that great feeling you get from training outdoors!

Comfortable accommodation is found in the sister hotel, the Little Hill Phuket Resort, which is located just next to Titan Fitness. Meals are served in its restaurant that focuses on both Western- and Thai healthy food.  

Special Features

accommodation3-star hotel

facilitiespool, restaurant, yoga studio

excursionsboat tours, guided sightseeing tours

other activitiesdiving, snorkling, shopping

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